Blog#73 Its Spring – Seven Ways to Detoxify

Blog#73: It’s Spring – Seven Ways to Detoxify

Spring is known as the best time of the year to detoxify to improve health and increase vitality. Out of the plethora of detoxification methods, I have chosen seven that are gentle and effective.

Three day raw apple detox. Suitable for everyone. In this detox, only organic, raw apples, (preferably green apples, such as Granny Smith) are eaten for three days, along with as much water as desired. No tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar or juice – just purified water (distilled, filtered, bottled) and organic apples, as many as desired. Leading up to this detox, observe one day as vegetarian/vegan and one day as raw food only. Then start the detox. On day four consume only raw vegetarian foods, and on day five observe a vegetarian diet. Return to normal, but hopefully improved diet on day six.

One week organic vegan diet. Suitable for omnivores and vegetarians. It’s just what it sounds like. All organic, no processed foods, as much water, tea, juices as desired. Hopefully at the end of this detox, there will be a desire to eat a little more healthfully.

One to four week raw foods diet. Suitable for just about anyone, unless they have difficulty digesting raw foods. This could include raw fish or meat (be careful) as well as raw dairy and raw eggs (once again, be careful). It would be more likely to be composed of vegetable based food (grains, nuts, seeds, beans, herbs, fruit, vegetables). Four weeks can result in some impressive healing from infections such as fungi and also might reduce or eliminate many sinus problems for quite a while. Afterward, hopefully a diet with a higher percentage of raw food will be appealing.

Three day organic juice fast. This is not a true fast, though it is a fast from solid food. It gives the digestive system a chance to rest and rejuvenate. Only organic juices and water are to be consumed. Preferably, the juices would be raw, since this will yield much better results.

One to five day water fast. This is a true fast. It is not right for everyone. If someone is over 65 years of age, or if they take certain medications that are best utilized when a person eats food, then this would not be a good fit. It is essential to break this fast appropriately – with organic juice and then with fresh fruit or vegetables on the first day. Even the second day would preferably be vegetarian, adding cooked foods if the person does not follow a raw diet already. When they return to their regular diet, it would be best if it is a little cleaner than before.

Information fast. Good for everyone, especially information addicts. Yep, no information for however long you choose, but at least for 24 hours. No TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, smart phone, landline phone, newsletters, blogs, classes, computer smart cars, etc. This will give the mind a much-needed rest and also set the scene for greater creativity in the future. Some people take a primitive camping trip. That will do the trick, for sure. Consider some forest bathing or earthing on the vacation/fast.

Fast from Y-fi and other harmful energies. Good for everyone who is currently exposed to these energies. Stay home from the office for a few days. Unplug Y-fi and computer, do not use cell phone.  Even better – arrange to spend several days away from homes, office buildings, Smartphones, even traffic lights. This helps take a burden off the nervous system as well as the mind and emotions.

This month’s blog offer: Call or email me with questions regarding the detox of your choice. Consider a 21-Day Standard Process detoxification program – ask me about that also.

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