Blog#77: Three Favorite Recipes

  Blog#77:  Three Favorite Recipes – Appetizer, Smoothie, and Main

                                     Guacamole burritos wrapped in nori sheets

All ingredients preferably are organic.

Ripe avocados

Chopped ripe tomatoes

Chopped onion

Chopped garlic

Mix all the above together, then add:

Tamari to taste

Fresh squeezed lemon juice for taste and to preserve freshness

Mix together then place three heaping tablespoons full in the center of a nori sheet.  Wrap and enjoy.  The rest should keep fresh in the refrigerator for up to three days.

                       Young coconut, blueberry, dark leafy greens smoothie

All ingredients except possibly the young coconut preferably are organic.

Take one young coconut – cut with a cleaver, drain the water and place in blender, then scoop out coconut flesh and add to the coconut water in the blender.  Here is a good link with further instructions about opening a young coconut.

Add either ½ tsp Turmeric powder, a good chunk of fresh turmeric root, two of The Synergy Company’s SuperPure Turmeric capsules or two of Medi Herb’s Turmeric Forte tablets.

Add one cup of fresh or frozen blueberries.

Add approximately a total of ½ tsp of high quality oil, such as flax seed, sesame seed, or black current seed.

Add two to three cups several different kinds of leafy greens, such as kale, Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, watercress, collard greens, cilantro, spinach, or arugula.

Blend until you can drink it.  Will keep in the refrigerator for several hours, but is best consumed right after blending

                                                  Cabbage Vegetable Soup

All ingredients are preferably organic.  This would be best prepared in a crockpot but can also be prepared on the stovetop.

Fresh chopped onion, ginger root and garlic to taste.

Turmeric powder or a chunk of chopped turmeric root.

Two carrots, chopped

Two stalks of celery and leaves, chopped

One half a head of green cabbage, coarsely chopped

One quart of tomato puree or pureed/blended fresh tomatoes

One to three cups of vegetable stock or filtered/distilled water

Sea salt, black pepper, cumin, and coriander to taste

Cook at high temperature in the crockpot for two hours, then on low for six hours.  Or simmer in a large, stainless steel pot on the stovetop for three to four hours. Stir occasionally. Add water, if needed. Keep covered. 

In last half hour of preparation, add one cup chopped cilantro or other leafy greens.

Will keep three to four days in the refrigerator. Freezes well.  Enjoy!  Happy summer.

This blog’s offer:  Feel free to contact me with any questions about these recipes. Also, I’d enjoy hearing about any variations you have used.

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